Thoroughbred Aftercare Program

Second Wind Thoroughbred Project

Horse Sponsorship Program

SWTP relies solely on private donations, sponsorships and/or grants.  The Horse Sponsorship Program is a fundraising initiative which helps support Second Wind Thoroughbred Project.   All contributions are tax-deductible.
Upon arrival at SWTP, each horse is evaluated by a veterinarian and treated for any infirmity or unsoundness.  Horses needing to be "let down" after racing will be given 60 - 90 days to relax and adjust to their new life.  Then the transformation from race horse to companion horse or potential show horse begins with ground work in a natural horsemanship style, and flatwork under saddle.  If the horse apprears to have the soundness and aptitude for jumping, their eductation continues.
The horse is ready for it's new home when it meets these criteria:
  • Physically and psychologically sound
  • Maintaining good body condition
  • Safe to handle
With average monthly care cost per horse ranging from $355 to $650  plus any additional veterinary care, your support is needed.  Your contributions will provide, required veterinary care, transistional training, supplies, and routine care for full rehabilitiation and placement to a new loving home and career.


Sponsor a Retired Horse - $300/month
Co-Sponsor a Retired Horse - $150/month
Covers basic care for a retired horse.  Care includes hay, grain, hoof trims every 8 weeks, worming every 8 weeks, annual vaccinations, annual check-ups with blood analysis.  Fly maintenance in the summer, fly mask, fly spray and a daily feed-through supplement, as well as fly predators used throughout the farm.
Sponsor a Horse in Training - $650/month
Co-Sponsor a Horse in Training - $325/month
Covers basic care, to included hay, grain, shoeing every 6 weeks, worming every 8 weeks, shavings, fly maintenance and supplies.  In addition it provides training 5 times a week and additional supplies such as tack, leg wraps, shampoo, linimant, etc.

Wish List


Diamond Sponsor - $10,000.
Platinum - $5,000
Gold - $2,500.
Silver - $1,000.
Bronze - $500.
Friend - $250.
Donor - $100.
Gift - $50.
ATV (to take hay and grain to the remote pastures)
Round Pen
Dressage saddle
newer truck (ours had 288,000 miles and is on its last leg)
tractor with mower and field drag
Small camper or RV, (could be on loan for the winter).
Donations to our Winter Hay Fund

Any gift no matter the form is  appreciated and welcomed. Whether funds, pitch forks, brushes, buckets, bridles, saddle pads or more, we truly appreciated your support of SWTP.  Every gift makes a difference.